No safety rule was made because someone might get hurt they were all written because somebody already has.

It only takes one repetition for an unsafe act to become standard procedure.  If you do something unsafe the first time and get away with it, that reinforces in your mind that what you did was acceptable procedure.

Ye Olde Shop Rules


1.                 Safety First Always !!!!!


2.                 This shop is neither Idiot Proof or Politically correct.  If you have a problem with that, perhaps you should limit your visit to the time spent reading this far.


3.                 Think before you act.  If is sounds like a good idea, it will sound just as good 2 minutes from now.  If it sounds dangerous or unsafe, it won’t get better with time.


4.                 It is alright to be Incredibly Stupid as long as you are the only one who knows.  If you do something incredibly stupid and hurt yourself or someone else, I will tell everybody.


5.                 If you do something incredibly stupid and hurt me, I will notify your next of kin.


6.                 All metal is hot until absolutely proven otherwise.  If you touch metal to see if it is hot, see #4 above.


7.                 Black iron is hot iron.  Red iron is even hotter. 


8.                 If you don’t know ask, if you don’t understand ask for an explanation.


9.                 Any tool used to handle hot iron also becomes hot.  That includes the anvil after a day of hard forging.


10.             Beware of the Dragon’s Breath, the almost invisible flame at the mouth of the gas forge.


11.             Take the hot cut out of the anvil when you are done using it.


12.             Appropriate eye protection when grinding, cutting, welding etc. is a must. 


13.             Wear a respirator when necessary.


14.             Make a list of the things you can do without, left hand, right eye, etc.  Now protect the rest.


15.             Never work tired.