The CAT Scanner is named Gracie, she is a Munchkin and she is 505 pounds, a 5 pound cat with 500 pounds of Attitude. 




Good Enough Never Is.  From each blade I learn a little more that can be applied to the next blade I make.  I must strive for continual improvement or there is no reason to continue. 


Knifemaking is a very competetive field.  Now days you can't swing a dead cat without hitting a knifemaker.  In order to remain on the cutting edge, no pun intended, of the craft I have installed a quality control program that includes a CAT Scanner to scan my blades for flaws.  The computer interface is only user friendly part of the time so access to the data and interperting it can be difficult but I feel that by saying that my blades have been CAT Scanned and all questionable blades have been buried in sand will have a positive effect on marketing my product. 


                                                          Cat Scans in Progress                               

Did ya notice how I snuck this cat thing in again?  In the event of a Scanner failure, I hear the Scanner tastes like chicken.